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    Piper PA-23 Apache

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    Piper PA-23 Apache

    Post  Josh Noonan on Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:50 am

    Information and instructions for the Piper PA-23 Apache from J&M Aviation.


    Thank you for your purchase of the Piper PA-23 Apache by J&M Aviation designed and built for Second life flyers by a real life flyer Josh Noonan.
    NOTE**I did not make the sculpties. They were attained free from another SL builder with permissions to sell in a build.
    This is a basic low prim aircraft build with the latest scripting to be a VERY GOOD flying plane. I did not put a lot of detail in it because of the limits of the sculpts that I had to use. I planned this as a starter plane or a plane you can give as a gift to your non pilot friends to introduce them to SL aviation.
    **It is not really designed to be a mouselook flyer but does have that capability**
    It flies as well as all my planes and is tuned to fly like a 1950s twin would. It is very fun to fly and teaches the rookie pilot the skills needed to move up to a faster, higher performance plane.
    In the box you have the Piper PA-23 Apache Display aircraft (not for flight) and the Piper PA-23 Apache Base.
    Rez the Piper PA-23 Apache base and select “Fly” from the PIE menu. (Please make sure that any ANIMATION OVER RIDES are OFF) Now you are seated in the pilot’s seat and ready for flight. If you have a co-pilot have them right click any part of the base or the right seat and they can join you in the cockpit.
    Type "st" in chat to start both engines or st1 or st2 for starting engines separately, and then use the "page up and Page Down" keys for the power lever. When at the end of the runway advance the power to 70% to 100% and bring the nose up with the "down arrow". (You have the option of using "mouse Look" if you wish). At 3 meters you will have bank control using the "left and right" arrow keys. Raise the landing gear with the "g" key and cruise at 70% to 80% and climb at anything above that.
    When ready, reduce the power to 50% and the Apache will gradually drop its nose and descend (a cruise descent is possible at any power setting with the nose down). When you are above the end of the runway reduce the power to 30-40% lower the gear and the Apache will descend to a landing using intermittent down arrow to flare. Taxi at 10%-20%.
    For dynamic camera, type "c" in the chat window to turn the dynamic camera on and off. This camera is useful when flying outside the cockpit (non-mouse look flying).
    The flight controls are standard for SL FLIGHT SCRIPTS:
    (with Chat window open)
    Page up = power increase
    Page Down = power Decrease
    Forward Arrow = Nose Down
    Back Arrow = Nose UP
    Left Arrow = Bank Left (Turn Left on the Ground)
    Right Arrow = Bank Right (Turn Right on the Ground)
    g = landing gear
    f = flaps
    nl = nav lights
    sl = strobe lights
    ll = landing light
    br = wheel brakes
    "st" for start/stop

    (with Chat window closed)
    e= power Increase
    c= power Decrease
    w = Nose Down
    s = Nose Up
    a = Bank Left (turn Left on the Ground)
    d = Bank Right (Turn Right on the Ground)

    Updates are free and will be sent automatically from my Hippo Vend Update server. IM me with and comments, questions, feature requests or just to say hi.

    Josh Noonan, RL Pilot and owner of J&M Aviation in Second Life.

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