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    WS-28 Glider

    Josh Noonan
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    WS-28 Glider

    Post  Josh Noonan on Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:26 pm

    Instructions and information about the WS-28 Glider from J&M Aviation


    J&M Aviation 2012

    **WS-28 High Performance Glider V1**

    Thank you for your purchase of the WS-28 Glider by J&M Aviation, designed and built for Second life flyers by a real life flyer Josh Noonan.

    In the box you have the WS-28 Glider and the WS-28 Glider Flight Manual.

    Rez the WS-28 Glider and select “Soar” from the PIE menu. (Please make sure that any ANIMATION OVER RIDES are OFF). Now you are seated in the pilots seat and ready for flight.

    Type "st" in chat to enable the flight script, (You have the option of using "mouse Look" if you wish). Type "tp" in chat to launch the glider to 50 meters and begin flying. You will be slightly nose up after the launch and as the glider flies, (You can tp in flight also to gain 50 meters), it will gradually nose down and descend in a gentle glide. You can nose up and down to fly as in any other aircraft, however in this glider if you nose up more than a couple degrees you will slow down and descend (Stall). 2 (Clicks) of nose up will begin a slow climb for a short time but eventually the glider will begin a descent like it should. Gentle turns will be smooth and as the ammount of bank increases, the drag will increase and the glider will descend.

    When landing you have spoilers (s in chat) to increase the drag and reduce the lift causing a more rapid descent. On touch down the glider will gradually slow to a stop and if you need to you can use the wheelbrake (b in chat) to stop quicker.

    I have made this glider simple to fly and yet still require some skill to maintain altitude.

    I have also included a color change script with 12 colors as well as basic white! To change your glider's color, type /56 XXXX in chat where the "XXXX" is the color you want. The colors available are: White, Red, Blue, orange , yellow, lime, teal, green, cyan, light blue, purple, magenta and pink.

    ***Look for future updates including SL wind response and more!***

    The flight controls are standard for SL FLIGHT SCRIPTS:


    (with Chat window open)
    Page up = Unused
    Page Down = Unused
    Forward Arrow = Nose Down
    Back Arrow = Nose UP
    Left Arrow = Bank Left (Turn Left on the Ground)
    Right Arrow = Bank Right (Turn Right on the Ground)
    "s" = Spoilers
    "b" = wheelbrake

    (with Chat window closed)
    e= Unused
    c= Unused
    w = Nose Down
    s = Nose Up
    a = Bank Left (turn Left on the Ground)
    d = Bank Right (Turn Right on the Ground

    "st" to start/stop the flight script.

    Updates are free and will be sent automatically from my Hippo Vend Update server. IM me with and comments, questions, feature requests or just to say hi.
    See it at my shop in Kagechan: and my SL Marketplace

    Josh Noonan, RL Pilot and owner of J&M Aviation in Second Life.

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